Located in scenic Lanark Highlands, Eastern Ontario, Canada

drawing by Linda Grenier


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Storm Internet  provides free internet service to MERA. In exchange, Storm asks MERA members and their friends to sign up for Storm Internet service, providing the promotional code MERA2M when filling out the application form or speaking to Storm staff (613-267-3801) Storm will use this code to track MERA referrals and to ensure that new customers get two free months of service.

Our Funders


MERA is grateful for support from the following organizations:


The Township of Lanark Highlands







and from many individual donations especially from our very supportive members.

Donations to MERA are eligible for Tax Receipts as charitable donations. Donation cheques should be made out to MERA and mailed or deposited at the Schoolhouse. 


THANK YOU to all of you for the support that keeps us going!