Located in scenic Lanark Highlands, Eastern Ontario, Canada

drawing by Linda Grenier


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Storm Internet  provides free internet service to MERA. In exchange, Storm asks MERA members and their friends to sign up for Storm Internet service, providing the promotional code MERA2M when filling out the application form or speaking to Storm staff (613-267-3801) Storm will use this code to track MERA referrals and to ensure that new customers get two free months of service.

MERA’s Pottery Studio


The MERA Pottery Studio at the Schoolhouse is equipped with a slab roller, several wheel stations and a computerized kiln.


MERA Pottery Studio

The MERA pottery studio is open for potters to enjoy and learn in a co-operative milieu. We have 4 electric kick wheels made by Don Marshall, a slab roller, pug mill, and electric kiln. Space is limited - each pottery member has 1/2 of a shelf, and space on the drying racks. So it is very important to clean up after yourself, and to work with consideration to others.

Everyone using the studio must be a MERA member, have an orientation to the studio, and work with others in the studio, until they can work safely on their own.


Pottery costs a yearly $50 studio fee for studio upkeep and $35 for each bag of clay. Each studio member is also responsible for a studio job. Or, you can pay an extra $50/month fee rather than taking on a monthly studio job, if you prefer. 


Members of the studio work on individual and group projects.  As part of our group work we hold workshops for area schools as requested during the school year, teaching them clay skills, and fire work for them.


To learn more about the MERA potters and current studio activities contact Lyndal Neelin at lyndal.neelin@gmail.com or 613-278-1656