Located in scenic Lanark Highlands, Eastern Ontario, Canada

drawing by Linda Grenier


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1. Featured Artist of the Month  - Art Exhibitions


Every month, except for June (reserved for the MERA Arts Circle) July, August and December, a local artist's work is featured in Dean Hall at MERA. Any Artist who would like to show their work are invited to contact Wayne Stryde at gwstryde@gmail.com 

Click here for the Artists' Guidelines for Art Exhibitions 


2. Around the World on a Dinner Plate

These popular dinners take place at MERA in February and March every winter.  Please consider hosting a dinner in 2018.  Here is some general information and guidelines..


Here are the Guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect:

'Round the World on a Dinner Plate

Organizing a fund-raising dinner at the MERA Schoolhouse

Thank you for offering to cook a dinner in MERA’s popular winter fund-raising Friday-night dinners.  Each winter, MERA organizes five dinners with an international theme between mid-January and mid-March, usually on alternate Friday evenings. The dinners start at 6 pm and usually finish before 9 pm.  They are open to all community members and reservations are strongly recommended. Entertainment related to the region being featured is not essential, but welcome – slide shows, music, dancing, demonstrations, etc. National dress is encouraged.

The cook’s responsibilities are:

To plan, purchase (to a maximum of $200.00) and bring to the Schoolhouse supplies for appetizers (if desired) and a main course meal for up to 36 guests and 4 cooks/helpers.

To provide receipts for the ingredients (can include cook’s own supplies).

To recruit helpers for cooking, serving and cleaning up cooking utensils.

To familiarize themselves with the cooking facilities at MERA, and to supply any equipment not available at the Schoolhouse.

To set up and lay the tables in the Great Hall It is recommended this be done on a Thursday afternoon, when fibre artists are often able to help. Gold and silver table cloths, and cutlery are kept in drawers in the kitchen and plates to the right of the stove.

To cook and serve the dinner starting within a few minutes of 6 pm.

MERA will:

Reimburse the cook for ingredients used to a maximum of $200. Bring your receipts to the meal and, if someone with signing authority is present, you can probably be reimbursed that night with cash, once a paper trail is established.  If not, a cheque will be forwarded to you.

Advertise the dinners.

Manage reservations and collect cash at the door.

Manage sales of desserts

Provide tea, coffee, milk and sugar.


MERA members – and guests - will pitch in to help:

Provide kitchen and serving help, as requested

Provide desserts for sale

Take down the tables, chairs place settings etc.

Make sure the Schoolhouse is left in good order



The MERA Arts Circle has faithfully set the tables before every dinner. A HUGE thank you that helpful group.

A deginated crew to oversee the clean up would be ideal. We do hire a local student to wash the dishes but we people to make sure the tables and chairs are properly put away.  We beleive that the cooks/hosts of these events should not have to be doing the set up and take down so please consider lending a hand.

Please contact meraschoolhouse@gmail.com if you can help us out!